Choosing the best press 

Jun 01, 2005

We spoke to some leading printers, several of whom participated in a "Press Crossover" panel at the recent VUE/Point conference. We asked them what was in their pressroom and why. Most said their decisions were driven by the desire to solve their customers’ problems. All had interesting insights to share.

Faster drying inks 

May 01, 2005

A proprietary ink additive from SpeedyDry Inc. accelerates the cross-linking reactions that normally occur in ink during drying.

May Cover Story: Offset & digital convergence 

May 01, 2005

Printers with offset and digital equipment can offer a diversity of services that enables them to form stronger bonds and mutually beneficial partnerships with their clients. But for commercial shops with a large offset base, becoming a streamlined, all-in-one print provider is a challenging prospect.

Supersize it! 

Mar 01, 2005

KBA North America (Williston, VT) can claim several pressroom bragging rights. Founded 188 years ago, the world's oldest press vendor now offers the world's biggest sheetfed press: the 81-inch Rapida 205.

Twice as nice 

Feb 01, 2005

When printers and vendors discuss perfecting, adjectives such as efficiency and flexibility begin to fly. Unlike a straight press, a perfecting press requires only one makeready for both sides while virtually eliminating manual paper handling and drying time. And new press improvements have drastically reduced marking problems while enabling printers to pursue new applications.

Twice as nice, Part 2 

Feb 01, 2005

As one printer told us, "You can’t add a perfecting press and expect it to generate business just because it’s an efficient press. It has to be part of a solution to a customer’s business problem."

Mixing small batches of ink in-house 

Jan 01, 2005

Mercury Print Productions (Rochester, NY) has grown from one $400 printing press in founder Valerie Mannix's basement to a custom-designed 70,000-sq. -ft. facility. Mercury’s latest innovations include the recent installation of an Offset Paste Litho (OPL) series paste ink dispenser from INX International Ink Co. (Elk Grove Village, IL).

The evolution of the press check 

Jan 01, 2005

Press checks have been a mainstay of print buyers' job requirements since the advent of commercial printing. Now that the portable document format (PDF) and the Internet enable printers to quickly transmit increasingly accurate proofs anywhere in the world, the onsite press check is no longer the only game in town. However, some print buyers--particularly those with challenging print jobs--still expect press-side proofs.

It's a "DI"fferent world, part 1 

Nov 01, 2004

It's been almost 13 years since Heidelberg launched the first direct imaging (DI) press, but some pundits say recent imaging technology, plates and press introductions could puch DI to new levels of popularity.

It's a "DI"fferent world, part 2 

Nov 01, 2004

It's been almost 13 years since Heidelberg launched the first direct imaging (DI) press, but some pundits say recent imaging technology, plates and press introductions could puch DI to new levels of popularity.

Sheetfed presses are faster, LARGER and longer 

Aug 01, 2004

It might have been dubbed the JDF Drupa, but there was no denying the explosion of sheetfed press innovations. Consultant Clint Bolte (Chambersburg, PA) noted that increased efficiencies in inline finishing and value-enhanced production could be seen across all formats. Bolte also cited three trends: Small-format presses with automated plate loading and specialty packaging options, such as UV drying,

Web Offset Survey 2004 

May 27, 2004

Drupa developments 3 

May 01, 2004

JDF-enabled workflow, press innovations Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) (Heidelberg, Germany) will offer more than 50 innovations at Drupa. Its modular, JDF-enabled Prinect workflow components reportedly integrate business-management and technical functions into one comprehensive data and workflow. Said to be adaptable to each printing company's individual requirements, the Prinect family

PROCESS AUTOMATION Part 2: JDF & the supply chain 

Apr 23, 2004

PROCESS AUTOMATION Part 2: JDF & the supply chain

The time is right 

Apr 01, 2004

Alternative screening made its debut in the early 1990s, with stochastic introductions that received a lot of media coverage but made few printer converts. The film-based workflow of the time made it difficult to successfully reproduce the small dots on plate and on press, and most who tried soon went back to conventional halftone. CTP has since eliminated many of the problems printers experienced

PROCESS AUTOMATION Part 1: JDF and process automation 

Mar 18, 2004

PROCESS AUTOMATION Part 1: JDF and process automation

Wide-format marches on 

Mar 15, 2004

How some print companies are putting wide-format inkjet devices to use

March cover story: Sheetfed UV 

Mar 01, 2004

Sheetfed UV differentiation can pay dividends

Finishing solutions for digital print 

Feb 23, 2004

Finishing solutions for digital print

January cover story: Safety first 

Jan 01, 2004

Implementing a safety program in your pressroom can lessen health risks, increase OSHA compliance and boost employee morale

The best of 2003 

Dec 01, 2003

In 2003, we met many interesting printers. I particularly enjoyed The green printer (April), which profiled EcoPrint (Silver Spring, MD). The $1.6 million printer was originally housed in an old school bus: Owner Roger Telschow bolted a Multilith to the vehicle's floor and ran an extension cord from the to the executive suite, which also doubled as his apartment. On the following pages we've recapped

What's next for digital printing? 

Dec 01, 2003

While 2004 is a Drupa year, this article is intended as an outlook for digital printing in 2004, not a pre-Drupa review per se. Industry vendors keep a fairly tight wrap on product announcements leading up to the international show, which is my way of disclaiming prior knowledge. Anything I get right is by virtue of observation and/or luck. Software and workflow Since there will be few significant

Graph Expo 2003 

Nov 01, 2003

A review of the best of Graph Expo 2003.

Halfsize presses 

Sep 01, 2003

Facing the reality of shorter print runs and faster turnaround times, many printers are using halfsize presses to remain competitive while controlling costs. Bruce Tietz, a technical consultant with GATF (Sewickley, PA), cites lower labor costs, reduced overhead and smaller capital outlays as potential halfsize-press benefits. According to the consultant, printers typically

The Copies Overnight/Copresco Story 

Sep 01, 2003

A digital-printing pioneer reflects on 16 years of changing technology