Color management: What are you waiting for? 

Jul 01, 2001

Color management can help streamline your production workflows while bringing you and your process partners closer together. And, according to a Gistics Inc. (Larkspur, CA) research study, total cost of implementation averages only about $140 per managed device, with an ROI in a three-year period that's about 25 times your investment for a print publishing workflow. We've come a long way since 1992


Jul 01, 2001

In a 1997 GATF (Sewickley, PA) study on digital file problems, Richard Adams found that almost 58 percent of files were supplied with errors that would prevent them from being printed correctly. Other industry pundits suggest that more than 70 percent of digital files sent to printers are faulty. While garbage-in, garbage-out is a problem for all printers, some argue quick printers get the worst files.


Jun 01, 2001

Choices include thermal laser, inkjet and dye sub One graphic arts expert describes proofing as a tug-of-war between client and printer. The customer is comparing the proofs against the original asking for the most faithful color rendition possible, explains Hal Hinderliter, author of The GATF Guide to Desktop Publishing. Unfortunately, the color gamut and tonal range of a slide or real life are beyond

CTP gets adopted 

May 01, 2001

Smaller printers continue to migrate to CTP, though vendors drop few hints about Print 01 With four months until Print 01, vendors are staying close to the vest about any CTP-related announcements they may make there. Many appear to be in a holding pattern for the time being, refining or commercially releasing the products that they announced last year at Drupa. What manufacturers will say is that

Is there money in digital asset management? 

Apr 01, 2001

Yes, but DAM requires new sales skills and a keen eye on internal costs Today, digital asset management (DAM) systems are commonplace for larger prepress and printing operations, corporate clients and a limited group of large ad agencies. DAM systems provide centralized management of digital assets, a collaborative workflow, easy access to client legacy system information, centralized product and

Computer-to-plate or computer-to-press? 

Mar 01, 2001

What's on your mind? "Staying state-of-the-art" was the top concern cited by 61.4 percent of the participants in NAPL's (Paramus, NJ) State of the Industry survey. And the No. 2 concern? "Shortage of skilled prodcution personnel," cited by 57.9 percent. Direct-imaging (DI) and computer-to-plate (CTP) technology can help printers address both of these concerns. But how do you determine which is right

A partner in growth 

Mar 01, 2001

Embracing technology helps one sheetfed printer grow its business and transition smoothly into CTP When RGC Communications went CTP in 1998, it was using one of only 2,000 platesetters at work around the world. The Roselle, IL, printer was also part of an even smaller minority: fully digital sheetfed printers. Two years later, only one-tenth of domestic sheetfed, four-up commercial printers have CTP,

PDF plug-in roundup 

Mar 01, 2001

THE EXTENSIBILITY OF ADOBE'S ACROBAT IS LIMITED ONLY BY ITS PLUG-INS Adobe Systems Inc.'s (San Jose, CA) PDF file format is rapidly becoming the de facto standard for electronic documents and document exchange in the corporate enterprise. The adoption rate is also gaining momentum in the professional print publishing community, although at a much slower pace. The success of PDF can be attributed to

Digital proofing solution HITS THE SPOT 

Mar 01, 2001

Many companies' mission statements could be more properly labeled wishful thinking. Not so at Cohber Press Inc. (Rochester, NY). Founded in 1931 by Samuel Cohen and Howard Webber Sr., the $28 million, 155-employee firm practices what it preaches. The opening paragraph of Cohber Press' mission statement declares: It is our belief that change is necessary for survival. We will continually evaluate and

Digital Workflows: We can work it out 

Feb 01, 2001

E-COMMERCE: wait and see? 

Feb 01, 2001

As online solutions evolve, printers are taking a cautious approachThis past year was a roller coaster ride for many e-commerce solution providers. New solutions fought first to establish an identity, and, in the wake of April's stock market downturn, for survival.So what should we expect in 2001? Management realignments and staffing cutbacks were initiated by some of the major players, as others'

Imagesetters and beyond: CTP options for quick printers 

Jan 01, 2001

Much has been written about new CTP options for midsize and larger commercial printers. But what if you're a smaller printer and can't justify investing in a thermal, violet or UV platesetter? What if a digital press doesn't figure into your plans?Not to worry - there's a CTP solution for you, too. Options for quick printers include converted

four-up goes mainstream 

Jan 01, 2001

Though printers still need to carefully consider plates and features, cost and technology are no longer barriers to four-up CTP adoptionWhile technological advances made in the CTP area may have less to do with adoption rates than with digital workflow and customer demands for faster job turnaround, CTP manufacturers have nevertheless unveiled an array of new four-up platesetters. By lowering the