Esko ArtPro turns 20! 

Nov 08, 2012

Data Protection 

Sep 01, 2007

Options for small to midsize businesses The need to protect data is universal small to midsize businesses, the largest enterprise data centers and individuals recognize the value of information and the impact of data loss. There are several data protection options for small and midsize businesses, but their specific considerations must be defined to help find the best available solution. Where data

Designing for digital print 

Sep 01, 2007

The new generation of designers is learning its craft in a world where everything happens in real time, driving new relationships with technology and the printing industry. Examples can be found in every print growth area. Print-on-demand services require designers and printers to share a commitment to frequent, rapid turnarounds. Personalized, variable-data printing can improve response rates when

Paper dummies 

Sep 01, 2007

Tips for accurate print project prep. Printing on uncoated papers.

Aim high 

Aug 01, 2007

At first glance, Spectrum Printing (Orlando, FL) might seem like a typical small or midsized printer. The 10-year-old, 24-employee company occupies a 2,700-sq.-ft. facility. A quick look at Spectrum's equipment list, however, soon reveals Spectrum's cutting-edge capabilities. The prepress department is anchored by a Rampage workflow driving a Fuji Javelin thermal platesetter. The workhorse of the

User 2 User 

Jul 01, 2007

Prepress manager Sam Hargis describes himself as the original PDF robot. Over the years, he grew tired of the seemingly endless string of tedious manual tasks he had to carry out prior to RIPping files. Nobody was really automating this work, he recalls. Everything was manual checking out the files, getting the stuff linked up into PostScript, then PDFs, making proofs and so on. In 2002, Hargis released

Meet Joe PostScript 

Jul 01, 2007 founder Samuel Hargis is known online as Joe PostScript. Hargis has been working in the industry since he was 13, when he made plates for his brother, a newspaper press operator. His prepress career has included high-level jobs at companies in Texas, Florida and Ohio. Hargis currently serves as the prepress and digital print manager for a $30-million, 280-employee printing company

Workflow words of wisdom from 

Jul 01, 2007

The biggest workflow challenge is planning and selection and the sales spin really doesn't help. System details, testing your type of work on the system, watching for potential problems or bottlenecks, that type of thing is extremely valuable. Don't just run everyday files on the system that you are considering take those headache files that have caused you to wake up in a cold sweat from a sound

EFI gets connected 

Jul 01, 2007

EFI Connect is in a class by itself. Having outgrown its origins as a joint meeting of the former Printcaf MIS user groups, this users group meeting has blossomed into an event that's almost on par with a major trade show. The eighth annual EFI Connect was held at the Wynn Las Vegas last month (June 10-13). About 1,300 registrants attended 160 conference sessions, along with trade press editors and

Stay the same 

Feb 01, 2007

PBM entered a new inkjet proofing era with a Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) Z2100 printer and GMG Americas’ ColorProof software for contract-quality proofing. Bailey uses three adjectives to describe the new setup: speedy, stable and self-calibrating.

Picture this 

Feb 01, 2007

Ramsey Press switched to CTP with Agfa’s :Galileo eight-up platesetter soon after it was introduced, and recently upgraded its digital workflow system from :Apogee Series 3 to :ApogeeX. These process improvements reduced production steps.

Remote possibilities 

Feb 01, 2007

At Graph Expo 2006, Epson America teamed with ColorSciences to showcase its PrintCertification solution. The goal: to deliver a remote proofing package that would satisfy printers, print buyers, designers and other decision makers.

Name dropping 

Jan 01, 2007

How personalized print, URLs and landing pages improve direct mail results.

Peer 2 Peer NETworking 

Dec 01, 2006

Using phpBB, an Open Source bulletin board package, Corey Smith launched in March 2003 to create “a place for people working in the prepress industry to get together and share ideas, help troubleshoot files and talk about technology.”

Fits like a dream 

Dec 01, 2006

Affordable I-Trap powers prepress for Car-Lin Graphics.

The Advantage Online 

Nov 01, 2006

A Web-based order interface is fueling growth for this Pacific Northwest printer.

GraphExpo New Products 

Oct 01, 2006

Color proofs on Diamond Jet papers Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM), Inc., (booth 4629) has released a new color proofing solution using Diamond Jet proofing papers. With a new RIP proofing plug-in for Canon W6400 or W8400 imagePROGRAF printers, the solution also is designed to work with Mitsubishi's RipMate RIP, which powers the DPX family of platesetters, and the SDP RIP, which drives the Eco1630III platesetter.

Online innovation 

Oct 01, 2006

Hillside, IL-based Darwill used its Web tools to link a publisher in New Mexico with a designer in Michigan. The new magazine is printed using stochastic screening, and the quality is so good, some recipients are framing pages. When Doug Evilsizor, founder of SlickRock Publishing (Gallup, NM), sought to launch a high-quality, national publication for an SUV automobile brand, he knew it wouldn't be

Instant proof 

Oct 01, 2006

The final proof for a new brochure is long overdue at an Orange County printing plant, but the client in San Francisco is still toying with a last-minute color change. The account executive at the Los Angeles ad agency is nervous, but the production manager down the hall is surprisingly calm. There is no mad dash to summon the messenger service; only a phone call to Primary Color in Irvine, CA. Because

An offset pioneer 

Oct 01, 2006

In 1990, Chicagoans crossing the intersection of Ravenswood Ave. and Irving Park Rd. might have noticed signs promoting a new condo development on that corner. Most were probably indifferent. After all, many old factories all across the city were being converted into upscale housing. And the name of this particular development, Post Card Place, hardly hinted at its historical significance. But from

Saying YES to JDF! 

Sep 01, 2006

Joe Novak doesn't have an easy job. He's the director of technology for Williamson Printing Corp. (Dallas), one of the largest printers in the United States. We're a different breed of printer, says Novak. We do so many different things. Williamson, a perennial fixture at the Premier Print Awards, won 121 total awards in the 2005 competition for products and services ranging from direct mail to annual

The best PDFs 

Aug 01, 2006

What makes a PDF file print-perfect? Ideally, the application used to create the original layout should be true design software, such as InDesign or QuarkXPress. All too often, content creators use a product like Microsoft Word as a layout application. This is like baking a apple pie with Ritz Crackers and expecting it to taste exactly like a pie made with real apples. Word is not a graphic design

The bottom line 

Aug 01, 2006

Properly used, management information systems (MIS) are the keystone of a successful printing operation.

Bindroids: born or made? 

Aug 01, 2006

Is a nerd born or made? I can only go by my own experience as the youngest of seven siblings. I don't think any of us qualified as genuine geeks. Most of my siblings were excellent athletes, and while several were exceptionally smart, we had no chess enthusiasts or Star Trek fans. But even by 1970s standards, we were a nerdy looking bunch. My brother Peter looked a lot like on My Three Sons. And my

Going with the flow 

Jul 01, 2006

Associates Graphics Services embraces lean manufacturing, the team-base systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste. The facility was designed to streamline the movement of jobs through the plant. Potential bottlenecks have been eliminated, and there's almost no inventory sitting on the floor.