In the fold 

May 01, 2010

Time for a new folder? From a tabletop unit to a fully automated floor model with all the bells and whistles, there's something for everyone. Nsenga Thompson is associate editor for AMERICAN PRINTER. Contact her at No more fiber cracking Technifold USA's (Montague, NJ) EZ Fit TriCreaser reportedly eliminates fiber cracking. The device is compatible with folder and scoring

Bindery Buzz 

Jun 01, 2009

Inspiration & innovation in new print finishing technology

Keeping score 

Sep 01, 2007

Remember Dan Aykroyd's Bass-o-Matic sketch on Saturday Night Live? It comes with 10 interchangeable rotors, a nine-month guarantee, and a booklet, Aykroyd promised in the breathless tradition of pitchman Ron Popeil. You'll never have to scale, cut or gut again! The inline options offered for scoring, perfing and cutting on folders and other finishing devices don't quite dice, slice or chop, but they

Paper dummies 

Sep 01, 2007

Tips for accurate print project prep. Printing on uncoated papers.

Shrink to fit 

Sep 01, 2007

Blanks Printing & Imaging's (Dallas) fulfillment division knows how to perform quick changeovers. Its jobs run from hundreds to millions of pieces, from business cards to poster-size prints. With can do teamwork, the company's fulfillment group has plenty of tricks up its sleeve, like keeping some equipment on casters to facilitate quick reconfigurations. Fulfillment manager Diane Allison also credits

Unchained Productivity 

Aug 01, 2007

Once considered the biggest bottleneck in print production, the bindery is achieving new heights in productivity. Equipment manufacturers are improving the level of automation and enabling greater workflow integration with prepress and the pressroom. Modular stitcher components and new equipment configuration options are enabling postpress operators to perform quick job changeovers and get more product

Rise & shine 

Aug 01, 2007

The use of foil stamping, embossing and holography represents quality, added value, shelf presence, individuality and security. To promote and acknowledge continued creativity in this area, the Foil Stamping and Embossing Assn. (FSEA) (Topeka, KS) honored the winners of its annual Gold Leaf awards competition in May during the IADD/FSEA Odyssey in Milwaukee. This year's awards drew more than 300 entries.

Hands off 

Jul 01, 2007

Picture this: An automated jogger aligns whole skids of paper in one turn. Lifts are loaded, a gripper loading system brings lifts to and from the knife, paper is cut, a turning gripper turns and positions lifts for cutting, waste is removed, gripper systems transfer the finished cut lift and the finished product is palletized onto a skid and the operator has nothing to do but watch and load skids.

Going for the Fold 

Jun 01, 2007

In the summer of 1962, 14-year-old Tuck Tucker launched his career in the printing industry. His father put him to work in the bindery. I spent three summers in the bindery, recalls Tucker. Over the course of his high school and college vacations, Tucker did a stint in every department. I worked wherever my father told me, he says. Tucker's father, Wiley Tucker, Sr., co-founded Tucker-Castleberry

Razzle dazzle 

Feb 01, 2007

With the right combination of consumables and know-how, and close interaction with the designer, UV jobs enable printers to add significant value to print products without jobbing out specialty effects or applying them offline.

I'm Rubber PUR is Glue 

Feb 01, 2007

PUR binding is moving beyond manuals, coffee-table books, top-class publications and annual reports. In addition to high-end and midrange equipment, PUR now is offered on some on-demand perfect binders.

Package deal 

Jan 01, 2007

Heidelberg expands its range with die-cutters and folder/gluers.

Stepping up 

Dec 01, 2006

GLS adds a die cutter to meet customer demand.

Air Care 

Dec 01, 2006

Cedar Graphics eliminates some nagging static and humidity problems with the installation of several Princess 2 humidification units from ML Husson.

Finishing Touch 

Nov 01, 2006

With the combined folding and creasing capabilities of Morgana’s DigiFold, Allegra Print & Imaging is poised to keep growing.

The Stevie Awards 

Nov 01, 2006

Six months ago, I asked AMERICAN PRINTER readers to help prove a point by sharing their variable-data printing (VDP) case histories. Not the same old stories we've heard over and over, but fresh examples that have been overlooked, perhaps because these projects didn't fit the expected profile of variable printing. I wanted to showcase these break the mold stories. Some industry experts reacted with, Variable-data printing (VDP), Web-to-print

Digitally cool 

Nov 01, 2006

Digital print marketer demonstrates the power of Xerox and XMPie.

Foiled again! 

Oct 01, 2006

Whether it's a Valentine's Day card or a video game you bought for your kid, a foil stamped and/or embossed image will catch your eye. The use of foil stamping, embossing and holography represents quality, added value, shelf presence, individuality and security. To promote and acknowledge continued creativity in this area, the Foil Stamping and Embossing Assn. (FSEA) (Topeka, KS) honored the winners

Cover 2 cover 

Oct 01, 2006

Fully automated bookletmaking In booth 2446, Standard Finishing Systems will launch the new Standard Horizon SPF/FC-200A fully automated bookletmaker, complementing the Standard Horizon SpeedVAC 100 collator. The SPF/FC-200A includes advanced setup automation through a touchscreen control console. Precise stepper motors drive end stops and plates to the exact location for the sheet size and finish

Mailing basics 

Sep 01, 2006

You're a successful small commercial printer. You do it all: design, print, assemble, and send jobs to the mail house. Wait, why are you sending jobs to a mail house? Running mailing equipment is not the difficult part. It's the required postal knowledge that makes a mail house seem like the best choice. But like most printers, you're not comfortable outsourcing the final part of the job to someone

Saying YES to JDF! 

Sep 01, 2006

Joe Novak doesn't have an easy job. He's the director of technology for Williamson Printing Corp. (Dallas), one of the largest printers in the United States. We're a different breed of printer, says Novak. We do so many different things. Williamson, a perennial fixture at the Premier Print Awards, won 121 total awards in the 2005 competition for products and services ranging from direct mail to annual

Bindroids: born or made? 

Aug 01, 2006

Is a nerd born or made? I can only go by my own experience as the youngest of seven siblings. I don't think any of us qualified as genuine geeks. Most of my siblings were excellent athletes, and while several were exceptionally smart, we had no chess enthusiasts or Star Trek fans. But even by 1970s standards, we were a nerdy looking bunch. My brother Peter looked a lot like on My Three Sons. And my

Direct mail delivers 

Aug 01, 2006

Among all the bad news for print markets, direct mail remains one bright spot. Annual spending on U.S. direct mail advertising is approximately $60 billion a year, and it's growing at a healthy clip: seven to eight percent a year. In 2005, companies and other groups sent out 100 billion pieces of direct mail, up 16 percent from 86 billion pieces in 1999, according to the United States Postal Service.

Cutting time 

Jul 01, 2006

Pepper Printing and The Hennegan Co. recently installed new automated Polar cutters from Heidelberg. As a result, these two very different companies have gained similar benefits: decreased costs, less physical toll on cutter operators, and better postpress productivity. Cutter automation is helping ease the bottleneck between increasingly efficient pressroom operations and the loading dock.

Back to school 

Jun 01, 2006

Operating a folder is one of the most challenging bindery jobs, despite newer machines' high level of automation. Consequently, some vendors offer group folding classes several times each year to supplement the initial training that is conducted onsite when a printer purchases and installs a folder.