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Think outside the box

Feb 1, 2006 12:00 AM

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As we noted in “Die cutters do more with less” (November 2004, p.26), some printers are moving beyond flat printed sheets to produce everything from simple pocket folders to CD/DVD jackets and more. Once you’ve got a die cutter, a folder/gluer is the next logical purchase. Most commercial printers typically stick with presentation folders and similarly basic applications, leaving packaging specialists to produce fancy boxes and high volumes of folding cartons.

A new name has joined the ranks of Bobst, Kluge and other familiar folder/gluer vendors: Heidelberg. Having launched a new press platform with its XL 105, Heidelberg is further expanding its packaging wares with its Dymatrix die cutter and ECO and Diana folder/gluers. A selection of recently introduced folder/gluers follows.

Inspection system for folding carton production
Using a unique, customer-controlled code, the Valco (Cincinnati) system is capable of 100 percent inline monitoring at speeds of 140,000 pieces per hour. A single sensor is available to alert for mixed-copy, faded or missing color, print registration, and die-cut registration. Additional sensors are capable of glue pattern inspection, window/insert detection, and skewed and double-feed monitoring. Systems can include carton ejector, defect marking equipment and high-speed glue valves for complex glue patterns. The system also offers data collection capabilities for job statistics and quality control reports with HTML-based visualization.
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More modules, more options
Heidelberg’s (Kennesaw, GA) Diana X 135 folder/gluer boasts a new safety and automation concept: integrated gluing and quality control. The separate servo-driven technology in each module enables the machine to be configured flexibly and without complications. The rotating module allows for the production of complex cartons that require rotating while processing. Some specialty cartons that previously required two passes now can be produced in a single pass using the turning module.

Add-on units, such as the glue line inspector and code reader, reportedly ensure higher output, with an increase of between 15 and 50 percent over the previous gluer, depending on the type of carton. In the configuration without the rotating module, the Diana X 135 achieves a performance of 650 m per min., or 200,000 cartons per hour. With the rotating module, the machine can reach speeds of up to 450 m per min. The maximum working width is 53 inches. The machine also boasts a four-meter folding section for large carton formats. The alignment station allows blanks to be aligned to the left or right.
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Entry-level folder/gluer
The ECO 105 is an entry-level folder/gluer from Heidelberg (Kennesaw, GA) that provides easy makeready with quick-action release clamps for roller bars. It is designed with expandable equipment, allowing other items, such as an automatic packer, to be added easily. It can handle all major carton types and is compatible with all common types of inspection equipment.

The nine-ft., four-inch-long prefolder permits faster production without running the risk of damaging long blanks. The ECO 105 is equipped with electronic backfolding hook control, which allows four- and six-corner collapsible boxes to be produced with successive blanks very close together.
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Manufacturing transparent boxes
The Bobst (Roseland, NJ) Alpina, Mistral, Fuego and Amazon folder/gluers are ideal for work with transparent materials such as polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET). All can be equipped with anti-static devices for problem-free feeding. They employ gauges and special belts to prevent scuffing, photoelectric cells adapted to the box counting of synthetic substrates, and special pressure systems to ensure optimal gluing.
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Value-added features
Standard Paper Box Machine Co. (Bronx, NY) packs several value-added features into its MAX 1100 folder/gluer. Air operated hooks and lifters eliminate bouncing of the hooks and increase production rates up to 50,000 Lock Bottom boxes an hour. For four- and six-corner boxes, an electronic, servo-controlled back folding system is easily programmed using an LCD screen for faster set-up and higher productivity.
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Automatic folder/gluer
Building on the reputation of the Kluge (St. Croix, WI) UniFold, the OmniFold offers greater converting capability in combination with improved user-friendly features, including several exclusives, such as right and left sheet registration, a rack-and-pinion elevator-driven feeder, and a vertical buckle folder that eliminates crows feet or wrinkling on heavy stocks. Additional highlights are 30 x 32-inch sheet capabilities, buckle folder combination setup, flipper gate and tab blast.
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Carton configuration variety
American Intl. Machinery’s (AIM) (Oak Creek, WI) Signature line of folder/gluers can be configured easily to produce a variety of carton shapes and sizes. Signature’s versatility allows all varieties of side-seam cartons, as well as multicells, auto-lock and click-lock bottom, two-panel sleeves and multipanel specials, double side-wall, and four- and six-corner cartons. The Signature line includes the Elite folder/gluer, the Sure-Feed pre-feeder for any folder/gluer and the new DEKO 79 Platen die cutter.
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