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Sep 1, 2000 12:00 AM

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Hazen Paper announces its new stocking item, R3 (Rapid Response Rainbow). R3 is .024 coated two-side SBS/Ultracure "C" acrylic lacquered 92 ga rainbow polyester. Hazen coats R3 with the Ultracure acrylic lacquer, a surface treatment for foil or metallized film that accelerates the speed of ultraviolet curing, to facilitate printing and stamping. The product reportedly has excellent bond strength, which makes it ideal for diecutting, foil stamping and folding.

Yupo synthetic paper can be used for such applications as menus - its smooth surface is said to produce razor-sharp images that capture the essence and essential colors of food. Yupo can be handled repeatedly without being damaged. The ultra-durable paper is waterproof and cannot be ripped, scuffed or stained. Yupo also does not require expensive lamination in order to be wiped clean. It can be foil-stamped, embossed or diecut. The synthetic paper is available in a wide range of grades and sizes, all of which are 100 percent recyclable.


Royal Fiber from Wausau Papers is stocked in 24-lb. writing, 70- and 80-lb. text, and new 100-lb. cover weights. The paper combines robust quality and 19 fiber-enriched shades, including six earthy tones for a subtler look. New shades include Maize and Beechwood. The 100-lb. cover stock is ideal for formal folders, invitations and mailers, and comes in White, Gray, Birch, Cottonwood, Natural and Cream.


Westvaco Corp. has expanded its new Sterling Ultra line of bright-white coated fine papers. The newest additions include web and sheetfed papers: Sterling Ultra Web Gloss, Sterling Ultra Litho Gloss, Litho Satin and Cover Gloss; and several recycled options with postconsumer content. The papers can be used for annual reports, corporate literature, product brochures, advertising inserts, catalogs and direct mail.


International Paper relaunched Williamsburg Offset, one of its commercial printing paper brands. Williamsburg Offset is available in 45-, 50-, 60-, 70- and 80-lb. weights, as well as a 75-lb. return postcard in a variety of sheet and roll sizes. Recycled content is also available. A brochure from International Paper promotes the relaunch, and demonstrates Williamsburg's ability to handle solid ink coverage and metallic inks. Different weights and finishes are also sampled.


Holographic UniLustre from Unifoil Corp. is an environmentally friendly holographic material with multi-dimensional patterns. It readily accepts solvent, aqueous, flexo, gravure, oil-based, ultraviolet, offset and letterpress inks. Smooth characteristics are said to be equal to or better than coated paper or board, and Holographic UniLustre does not curl, crack or warp during the printing process. It is available in stock ranging from 25-lb. paper to 38-point board. Printers can print complex holographic designs to register with new, non-laminated Registered Holographic UniLustre from Unifoil Corp. It is available in 28 x 40-inch shimless rolls and sheets, and weights from 25-lb. paper to 30-point board.


Georgia-Pacific introduces catalog printers to ReComm Ultra Matte, a blade-coated paper that reportedly delivers sharp image quality and excellent photo reproduction. ReComm has 60 percent recycled content (30 percent post-consumer), but performs on the same level as non-recycled stock. The paper has high opacity, even matte finish and 84 brightness rating. ReComm Ultra Matte is offered in 40- to 100-lb. text and 55-lb. cover weights.


Orsay Plus is a high-volume, wood-free uncoated paper from Modo Paper. The paper reportedly boasts good opacity and high stiffness, and is best-suited for sheet-fed printing and web offset printing. It can also be used for pre-print applications, as well as laser and inkjet printing. The available basis weights range from 80 g/m2 to 300 g/m2.


For commercial printers using the Heidelberg Quickmaster DI, Mohawk Paper Mills offers three digital paper grades cut to fit the machine (paper sizes are 12.375 x 18.125 inches and 13.375 x 18.125 inches). The three grades include Navajo, a high-performance Inxwell paper; Superfine text and cover paper; and Mohawk 50/10 plus coated paper. A wide range of whites is available within these lines, including Navajo 98 bright Brilliant White; Superfine 98 Bright Ultrawhite, Pure White and Elegant Softwhite; and 50/10 plus 94 Bright White and Elegant Softwhite. The papers are stocked in 80- and 100-lb. text, as well as 80- and 100-lb. cover.


Classic Crest Papers from Neenah Paper are now available for Xeikon, Heidelberg and Indigo digital presses. The gradeline, which is said to offer the greatest variety of colors in any digital paper grade, is specifically designed to fit the varied size demands of most digital presses. Paper designed for the Indigo press is also sapphire treated. Classic Crest Papers are available in both rolls and sheets.


Phoenix Motion, a new paper from Scheufelen, has the soft feel of uncoated paper with the print characteristics of fine coated paper. It is available in both text and cover weights, with four shade choices: Xenon bright white, Xantur natural white, Xantic rich cream and Xyrrus. It is available in the weights: 115 g/m subscript 2, 135 g/m subscript 2, 150 g/m subscript 2, 170 g/m subscript 2 and 250 g/m subscript 2.


Mead's new no. 3 sheet and web offering, Focus, features an 84 brightness, blue-white shade and a smooth, glossy surface. The smooth surface allows for more uniform ink lay, delivering solids that are more consistent with better dot definition in the detailed areas. The level of print gloss reportedly gives high impact to photographs with no need for a varnish to enhance the gloss of the image. The new bluer-white shade is said to give the appearance of cleaner whites and more realistic colors. Focus is available in 60-, 70-, 80- and 100-lb. text, and 80- and 100-lb. cover. On the web side, it is available in 45-, 50-, 55-, 60-, 70-, 80- and 100-lb. text, and 80- and 100-lb. cover.

Tango coated one-side cover stock has been developed specifically to perform trouble-free on press. Manufactured by Inland Eastex, Tango does not curl and eliminates hickeys on press. The paper's double-blade coated surface also resists cracking when printed, folded or finished. The bright white sheet can be used for high-quality projects such as greeting cards, soft book covers, folders, gift boxes, annual report covers and postcards.


Champion Web's line of no. 1 coated freesheet web paper, Preference, was recently re-engineered to deliver improved brightness (90) and gloss (82). Available in a new 100-lb. text weight, the new blue-white shade creates clarity for screens, solids, artwork and photography. Preference Gloss and Preference Dull are also available in 70- and 80-lb. text, and 80-lb. cover.


Appleton Papers has introduced Avario Digital Color paper for use on Scitex Digital Printing's new VersaMark Business Color Press. Avario is a coated white sheet that can accommodate the large amounts of water used in high-speed, inkjet-based digital color imaging.

Ikono from Zanders USA is a no. 1 coated enamel paper. Manufactured with at least 50 percent recycled fiber content, it is available in Gloss, Dull Satin, Dull Satin Cream and Matte. Ikono Gloss and Ikono Dull Satin contain 20 percent postconsumer waste. All finishes are available in a variety of text and cover weights in a wide range of sizes.


Russell-Field Paper Co. has announced Fairfield, a substrate that's been certified by the Rochester Institute of Technology for use on Indigo presses. It has a luminescent, blue-white shade and offers a smooth, even surface. The manufacturer claims Fairfield is a cost-effective alternative to other substrates used on Indigo presses because it does not need a sapphire coating. It is available in 80- and 100-lb. text weights in both gloss and matte finishes, 80- and 100-lb. cover weights in both gloss and matte finishes, and 7- and 9-point reply card weights. Fairfield is stocked in 12 x 18-inch long-grain sheet sizes for text weights and 18 x 12-inch short-grain sheet sizes for cover and reply card weights.


Strathmore presents an updated, coordinated system of correspondence papers, the Strathmore Writing System. The collection features four distinctive whites within the Strathmore Pure Cotton, Strathmore Writing and Strathmore Script grades. The white shades are complemented by five "colored neutrals" in Strathmore Writing 25 Percent Cotton and by 15 new colors in Script. Script is available in five finishes: Very Smooth, Smooth, Laid, Linen and Pinstripe. The Strathmore Writing System offers a selection of writing, text, cover and label items in one system that makes it easy to match letterheads, envelopes, business cards, labels, folders, and even brochures and annual reports.


Beckett Papers has improved Concept, a line of natural vellum writing, text and cover papers featuring solid and fibered sheets and a natural color palette. Product upgrades include two brighter whites and four bold accent colors, new direct-to-plate sizes and 30 percent post-consumer waste content.

The new 98 Bright White Radiance in the Concept line is available in direct-to-plate sheets for the Heidelberg Quickmaster DI (70-lb. text and 80-lb. cover measuring 13 3/8 x 18 1/8 inches), and for the Heidelberg GTO DI (70-lb. text and 80-lb. cover measuring 14 x 20 inches).


International Paper has added Hammermill PhotoNatural Color Copy Paper to its Hammermill brand family of color copier papers. The sheet's warm white shade is best suited for applications where warm, subdued colors are desired. The paper has a smooth surface and a sturdy 28/70-lb. weight, and is available in sheet sizes of 8.5 x 11 inches and 11 x 17 inches.


Domtar Weeds from Domtar is made of seasonally renewable, non-wood fibers: 15 percent hemp and 85 percent sugar cane. Since sugar cane is the world's most widely grown crop, it's one of the most readily available non-wood fibers, and because it's a by-product of sugar making, it comes to the paper mill pre-processed. Weeds Writing, bearing a discreet watermark, can be used for letterhead, personal stationery and corporate documents. Weeds Text, with its premium wove and lined finishes, can be used in annual reports and corporate brochures. The Domtar Weeds brand also offers Weeds Cover. The paper line offers three sheets with flecks (Barley, Poppy Seed and Garlic) and three without (Milkweed, Buttercup and Moss).


SPectraTech offers Granite, which extends the company's line of business paper shades. The uncoated, fiber-added sheet is a companion paper to SPectraTech's Silver sheet, and it is computer-matched to the Silver shade. It is said to offer an economic alternative to traditional text and cover sheets. It is offered in six basis weights in either rolls or sheets.


Polyart by Arjobex is a synthetic paper that's both printable and durable. Resistant to water, oily substances, most chemical products and tearing, Polyart can be used to print menus, children's books, technical manuals and outdoor posters. The product is said to perform well for embossing, foil stamping, diecutting, stitching, sewing, perforating, laminating, drilling and sprocket punching, as well as perfect, spiral and comb binding. With its clay coating, the synthetic paper can be varnished, UV coated or aqueous coated.


McCoy Matte is the newest member in Potlatch's McCoy family of papers. As with the other papers bearing the McCoy name, McCoy Matte is ultra-bright white but offers a touchable, non-glare surface. This highly opaque sheet comes in two shades, white and natural, in a range of text and cover weights. It uses 10 percent post-consumer waste fiber.


Realm from Gilbert Papers has a smooth finish and the company's trademarked GREATPRINT surface enhancement. Realm can be used in multiple printing processes, from lithography to engraving, as well as laser or inkjet printing. The paper is available in four colors and six weights, including a new 24-pound watermarked writing weight. It is acid-free and has high levels of brightness (98 brightness and a blue-white shade for its pure white shade and 94 brightness for its recycled white shade).


Lynx Opaque from Weyerhaeuser Fine Paper is a value-priced opaque sheet that is available in smooth and vellum finishes. It has a blue-white shade, and a 92 brightness level that reportedly improves image fidelity by increasing the contrast and reflecting more light. The paper's high opacity also allows printers to use a lower weight when printing.

A new line of holographic metallized papers that look exactly like plastic laminates has been introduced by Metallized Products, Inc. The Holographic Metallized Papers feature patterns such as rainbows, dots, crystals and other styles. Reportedly providing better lay-flat properties than laminates, the manufacturer says these metallized papers are easier to process and cost less than conventional laminates. The product is available in rolls up to 40 inches wide and almost any size sheets, in 40-lb. to 80-lb. weights. Applications include gift wrap, packaging and labeling.


Fraser Papers introduces enhanced text, cover, writing and commercial printing papers that feature new colors, sizes, weights and finishes. The Genesis line has seven new colors. Passport's fiber-added papers feature five new colors, new sizes and weights with press-ready skids in stock. Synergy's fiber- and fleck-free line introduces nine new colors in both smooth and linen finishes, four new colors in a laid finish, eight new colors in a felt finish and five new felt duplex combinations in felt finish. It also has new Pure White with 95 brightness in all finishes and a 25 percent cotton bond. The Mosaic line features three new colors with embedded contrasting flecks. Pegasus offers Brilliant White and Midnight Black shades in new press-convenient sizes, new weights and a new 120-lb. White over Black duplex cover in 110- and 130-lb. weights. Fraser Brights feature three new colors, a new 60-lb. text in 11-inch rolls, and a new 65-lb. cover in folio sizes. Finally, Glacier 95 Opaque offers a vellum finish in six basis weights in cut-size and folio.


PaperTyger introduces Natural White, an acid-free, neutral pH, lightweight uncoated paper product that is tear-, water- and grease-resistant. Now available in 27 lb. on a 17 x 22-inch basis, with a 4.5 caliper and 92 premium opacity, it is laminated on the interior to create high durability. It has an 85 brightness level, and uses 20 percent recycled fibers.


Boise Cascade's Cascade Opaque midweight opaque paper is said to be a whiter opaque sheet with a brightness level of 93. The paper is available in smooth and vellum finishes, and in 40-, 50-, 60-, 70- and 80-lb. text, and 65- and 80-lb. cover weights.


Plainwell Paper has launched a new line of laser and inkjet cutsize paper under its Navigator brand of digital products. These heavyweight, high-brightness papers are manufactured with a special surface formulation, which reportedly allows for vivid graphics and accurate color reproduction. Plainwell plans to launch additional specially designed inkjet papers.


CTI Paper USA, Inc. offers Glama Natural Translucent Printing Paper, a recyclable, chlorine-free translucent paper with flexibility and cloudless fiber formation. It is manufactured in a variety of visual textures, such as Clear, Parchment, Marbled, Black and 100, which is 100 percent recycled. Glama Natural Clear has a translucent level of as much as 74 percent.

The following sites are dedicated to paper procurement. ( Launched in March by Internet-based vertical purchasing hub, Inc. (Chicago), acts as an automated procurement solution, reportedly streamlining the ordering process and lowering transaction costs for users. It also aggregates demand across multiple purchases, which is said to give customers lower prices through its greater volume buying power.

Once on the site, users can specify products according to basis weight, grade, mill and other options. The site uses a comprehensive search engine to locate more than 50,000 products from more than 200 manufacturers and distributors. Site visitors can also access the basic search, paper tools and various areas of the site without registering. Registration is necessary to do a more refined search, place price inquiries, and set up the activity tracker function and the personal portfolio of paper purchases.

It costs nothing for users to order paper; they pay only for paper purchased. After paper is shipped from the mill, an invoice for the purchase is sent to the billing address inputted by the user.

"Our formula is to blend the technology and e-commerce know-how from the leadership team with deep industry expertise in paper at the purchasing-hub level," says president and COO Glenn Trout, himself a 10-year veteran of Mead Paper. "We believe this combination, plus our database tools and application set, give the strongest value proposition when it comes to sourcing paper." (, Inc. boasts more than 4,500 corporate members and more than 6,500 individual members in 80-plus countries.

Paper offers and requests, bidding and transactions take place in a centralized online location. Users must register (for free) to access this "Trading Floor." According to the company, enables buyers and sellers to negotiate pricing and directly transact with one another through its online marketplace. All transactions are anonymous until a bid has been accepted online, at which time members are notified electronically of the other party's identity.

If paper orders are placed, can arrange for transportation as needed and offers credit-clearing services for sellers. Sellers pay a three percent commission on successful transactions.

In existence since 1998, has made strategic partnership agreements with vendors both inside and outside the graphic arts industry. Business-to-business e-commerce vendors and Noosh; C.H. Robinson Worldwide, a provider of multimodal transportation services; International Paper; office supply superstore chain Staples; and newsprint producer Bowater Inc. are just some of the names on this dot-com's list of partners. (, launched in March by media company Miller Freeman and Pegasus Capital Advisors, is said to create an online information and business exchange for buying, selling and conducting a comprehensive set of other industry-related transactions.

Users reportedly will be able to search a database of more than 225,000 contacts and an exclusive pricing database; buy, sell, deliver and track goods globally; research industry-related information and news; and access updated buyer's guides, fact books and directories.

Transactions on the online exchange will be private but open, allowing buyers to know the identity of potential sellers and consider other factors to paper purchase besides price. Products can be bought and sold in various ways: via an open market exchange, request for quote or for proposal method, an auction, a buyer's club and spot e-market exchange. Costs for using the service vary on the actual service used.