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Marsid M&M: from mimeograph to Internet mogul

Nov 1, 2004 12:00 AM

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Marsid M&M Group, Carle Place, NY

Annual sales
$3 million

Year founded

No. of employees

Sq. ft.

Short- to medium-run four-color printing/specialty two- and three-color printing

In 1972, Sid Halpern used a hand-cranked mimeograph to print circulars for local butcher shops in his laundry room. Halpern's father was his first customer — he later got orders from his father's customers. Thirty years later, Halpern's modest business has evolved into the Marsid M&M Group.

Demand soon exceeded the capacity of Halpern's mimeograph, so he added an offset machine. Eventually, Halpern opened a storefront shop in Carle Place, NY, and hired the company's first employee, Barry Caputo. After working together for 15 years, Caputo left in 1989 to join M&M Printing in Levittown, NY. Halpern and Caputo teamed up again in 2002 when they merged companies to form the Marsid M&M Group.

Marsid M&M Group provides full-color printing services and offers complete mailing and fulfillment solutions. It recently launched a new Web site with the Direct-2-Press system, allowing clients to send files via the Web site from any design/layout program. The company credits the Internet with enhancing production and customer service capabilities.

We asked Marsid M&M marketing director Cliff Krauter to share a little more about the company.

How has the Internet impacted your business?
With the recent launch of our redesigned Web site, we have enjoyed a substantial increase in sales, as we offer more comprehensive tools and services. In addition, all monthly promotions are now tied directly to the Web site, which increases exposure and promotional success. With this database-driven Web site, we have implemented a new-quote assembly and referral network system, which has proven to be extremely valuable. We can turnaround a custom estimate in less than one hour.

Our technical developments are responsible for 90 percent of all new sales inquiries and account for 35 percent of total sales and rising.

Direct-2-Press accounts for a large amount of your business. Tell us more about it.
Although this system was developed by a third party, it has been customized and integrated into our Web site. It lets clients who have less experience with desktop publishing send us print-ready files from any application. We always prefer original files in case quick changes need to be made, but we accept and work with all file formats. We needed to simplify the process for those who “just want to send what they have.”

What are your equipment highlights?
We have fully implemented the Symphony workflow by RIPit Corp. This system can process native PDF and EPS files directly. Our complete PDF workflow allows us to create digital proofs (using the HP Designjet 10ps or Epson 9600) from the file we send to our direct-to-plate system. Symphony also allows us to generate traditional halftone dots on our inkjet proofs, if required. Plus, with CIP3 capabilities, we can guarantee the accuracy of our prepress system is transferred into our pressroom. We also have recently purchased a another Ryobi 3304 four-color press to accommodate the increase of new orders from the Web.

What does the M&M stand for?
Matthew Metz was the original founder of M&M Printing.

What is Marsid M&M's claim to fame?
Customers often comment on how personable we are and how attentive we are toward their needs.

Where is the best place to eat in Carle Place?
Italian cuisine at Rialto Restaurant.