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Clean your way to profits: The company that cleaned up the pressroom brings its white glove to prepress

Sep 1, 2000 12:00 AM

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Since its introduction to the printing industry, the JDS Airtech 2000 has cleaned up hundreds of pressrooms.

By removing spray powder residue in the pressroom, printers had fewer hickeys and less press maintenance. This resulted in greater productivity and higher profits. These customers were also able to reduce waste and the wear and tear on their heating and cooling systems.

Prepress success

Now the Airtech 2000 is on the job in the prepress environment, and it's got its work cut out for it. Just think of all the dust, dirt and contaminants that severely affect overall quality and productivity in your prepress area. Critical areas to consider are proofing, scanning, step and repeat, platemaking, stripping, computer rooms, and desktop publishing areas.

Our powerful units quietly circulate and clean the air by removing powder, dust, bacteria, fungi and pollen. Our filters remove 99% of particles as small as five microns and 80% as small as one micron (One micron equals one millionth of a meter.)

You'll reduce re-scans, touch-ups, proofs, plate remakes - overall operating costs and downtime! And you'll increase computer reliability, the quality of your work, and turnaround time.

Great ROI

Various size models are available starting at just $429, making it easy to have a ROI in a matter of weeks. In fact, many customers install multiple units throughout the plant.

Shouldn't you clean up your pressroom or prepress area with the JDS Airtech 2000 today! Call JDS at 800-382-2637.