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Paper & ink roundup, part 2

May 1, 2006 12:00 AM

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The latest products, technologies and enhancements

Print matte and gloss in one pass
Strike-Thru is based on the incompatibility of two materials: a dull varnish and a gloss aqueous coating. The gloss protects the sheet, and, as it dries, allows the matte to show through. Kustom Group (Richwood, KY), a manufacturer of printing ink vehicles, coatings and overprint varnishes, developed Strike-Thru in 2003. It also offers Kustom Kure hybrid vehicles to create gloss under UV coatings.
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New line of sheetfed inks
Sun Chemical (Northlake, IL) has released three new inks: Relay, Endurance and Marathon. Relay inks’ hard-drying characteristics allow the inks to be used on all types of paper, both coated and uncoated. They are well suited for dull and matte stocks, with good rub resistance. The inks offer batch-to-batch consistency, press stability and stable ink/water balance, and they can be perfected without back cylinder or blanket buildup problems.

Endurance inks require little maintenance and will run for extended periods without operator intervention or adjustment. They are a medium-to-low tack series of process inks that can print on coated and uncoated papers without excessive blanket buildup or piling.

Marathon’s stay-open ink set is designed to minimize daily cleaning and maintenance. It offers long run capability without the need for frequent blanket washes, minimizes piling and performs well on marginal papers. The inks achieve a stable ink/water balance almost immediately for quick makeready and stay open in the ink duct and rollers for extended periods, often eliminating the need for end-of-day cleanups. The inks dry well on most papers and do not contain cobalt driers.
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Ink pumping
Van Son Holland Ink Corp.’s (Islandia, NY) ink pumping systems are controlled electronically and work with completely automated cartridge-based ink dispensing systems that provide the ability to track and report usage. The benefits of using ink cartridges include virtual elimination of ink waste, faster startup time, color consistency and reduction of color fluctuations typically associated with manually filling ink color. It offers 4.4- and eight-lb. cartridges that easily fit into ink pumping systems and can be retrofitted to any press. These high performance cartridge inks offer a perfect solution for streamlining operations in a large sheetfed operation.
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Environmentally friendly ink
BioVu is the first solvent-based ink made from renewable resources (corn) and is recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Created by VUTEk (Meredith, NH), BioVu provides durability, strong bonding to uncoated surfaces and resistance to UV light and mechanical wear. The ink is designed specifically to run in high-production environments.
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Digital inks for promotional graphics
The Pitman Co. (Totowa, NJ) has enhanced its Performa line of media products with a new digital ink offering. Formulated to retain their bright color and durability outdoors for up to two years, the digital inks do not require lamination or clear coating.
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UV/EB curable special effect coatings
Northwest Coatings (Oak Creek, WI) introduces UV/EB curable special effects coatings, including pearlescent, glitter and color-changing effects. One color-changing effect, Phantavision, produces different effects depending on the viewing angle. High-contrast color shifts appear with sharp changes in the viewing angles, while smooth changes occur with gradual curves. Phantavision coatings may be tailored to produce a variety of different colors and appearances.
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Eco-solvent ink
ECO-SOL MAX builds on Roland DGA’s (Irvine, CA) award-winning eco-solvent ink and features several new enhancements, including faster drying time, higher density, wider color gamut, improved scratch resistance, lower cost per square foot and broader uncoated media support. In addition, ECO-SOL MAX is virtually odorless, contains no harmful VOCs and does not require any special ventilation or environmental equipment.
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UV offset ink for narrow web
XSYS Print Solutions Narrow Web Inks Division, a part of Flint Group (Ann Arbor, MI), has launched Lithocure 3G ink, a next-generation UV offset ink for the narrow web sector. Lithocure 3G has optimized ink/water balance. It reportedly provides good printability and color strength, as well as more press time, less waste and improved profitability.
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Solvent-based drop-on-demand ink
Fujifilm Sericol (Kansas City, KS) has developed Color+, a solvent-based, piezo, drop-on-demand ink formulated for wide and super-wide roll-fed inkjet printers. A unique, fine-dispersion technique ensures that pigment stays in solution longer. The range includes formulations for nearly all makes of digital inkjet equipment.
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Fast drying VOC-free ink
Kohl & Madden, a member of the Sun Chemical Group, introduced Liberty, a VOC-free conventional sheetfed ink, at PRINT 05. Liberty ink reportedly dries in minutes but stays open on press. The ink contains no cobalt driers and is said to come up to color quickly, dramatically reducing start-up and running waste. Spray powder use reportedly can be reduced by as much as 50 percent. Original Smith Printing (OSP) (Bloomington, IL), a beta tester, was featured in AMERICAN PRINTER’s October 2005’s “Bright lights, better productivity.”

OSP is a 190-employee general commercial printer, one of the largest in downstate Illinois. The printer has no UV equipment on its presses and typically runs Kohl & Madden’s 725 series of conventional inks. The printer began testing the inks on the 10-color and six-color presses during July, 2005.

Any skepticism about the ink vanished when OSP ran a quick-turn job printed on coated stock. Fifteen minutes after the job came off press, it was folded and stitched. Previously the company would have had to wait two to four hours before handling the job.
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Wide-format solvent and UV inks
Jetrion’s (Ann Arbor, MI) 6500 series true solvent inks are available in four-color, six-color and Hexachrome sets. They increase printhead open time, reducing clogged nozzles, and reduce printhead maintenance. The inks also extend printhead life and print on a wide range of vinyl, synthetic and paper substrates most often used in outdoor environments.
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ISO-compliant ink
Gans Ink & Supply Co.’s (Los Angeles) Bengal process series was the first ink set certified by GATF to be ISO 2846-1 compliant, and it was used to help establish GRACoL’s G7 methodology for achieving matches on multiple proofing and printing devices.
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Environmentally friendly inks
Toyo Ink Group’s (Addison, IL) HyPlus 100 Process series are free of petroleum ink solvents. The inks contain 100 percent solids, ensuring a sharp dot and high mileage. The vendor’s energy-curable ink formulations for sheetfed and web offset printing include a family of ultraviolet (UV) and hybrid products that achieve great curability, runability and functionality. See
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Metallic ink
The MetalStar non-leafing silver is Eckart’s (Louisville, KY) offering for printing metallic effects in offset. This ink is based on the first non-leafing offset silver dollar pigment in combination with a high-performance metallic varnish system. Key properties include retaining brilliance when overlacquered and intercoat adhesion with UV lacquers and laminates. See
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Does your ink make the grade?
The Graphic Communication Institute (GrCI) at California Polytechnic University (San Louis Obispo, CA) has developed a laboratory testing service to analyze and track the most pertinent visual and functional attributes of paste or fluid printing inks. The Ink Quality Assurance (IQa) program also can track the quality of ink over time as determined through multiple tests, which can alert buyers to unannounced changes in formulation or performance.

The IQa program suite has two editions, Paste Edition and Fluid Edition. Both provide laboratory testing for hue difference, chroma difference, gloss, tinting strength (bleach test), NPIRI grind test and a detailed laboratory testing report. IQa: Paste Edition also tests for ink tack and IQa: Fluid Edition tests for pH. For more information or to submit samples for testing, contact GrCI director Hal Hinderliter at (805) 756-5170 or, or visit

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