Hot plates: violet and thermal no-process 

Jul 01, 2001

Theres still a lot of life left in analog plates. Despite the growing acceptance of CTP, analog plates still command 70 percent of market share, according to Vantage Strategic Marketing, a UK-based graphic arts consultancy. Indeed, both Kodak Polychrome Graphics (Norwalk, CT) and Agfa have announced analog introductions in recent months (see What to watch for at Print 01 on p. 30). And, for run lengths

What's new with glue? 

Jun 01, 2001

Gluing systems have come a long way since the days when a hypodermic veterinary needle was the main conduit for applying glue to paper. The systems of yore could be a real pain: They typically demanded extensive setup and cleaning, and required skilled operators. At high speeds, glue application was unreliable and maddeningly imprecise. Glue systems

One singular sensation 

May 01, 2001

This past year, Sun Chemical Corp. (Northlake, IL) and Flint Ink (Ann Arbor, MI) announced what some observers consider the most significant conventional pressroom advancement in years: single-fluid inks. Single-fluid inks eliminate water and dampening systems, which minimizes dot gain while

Water-washable ink steps up to the plate 

May 01, 2001

At Drupa 2000, Sun Chemical Ink (GPI) (Northlake, IL) announced the release of DriLith W2 for sheetfed presses operating waterless, and Instant Dry W2 for Heidelberg's Quickmaster DI presses. The new waterless inks have been modified to allow the use of a press wash solution consisting of water and a mild surfactant