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Feb 1, 2001 12:00 AM

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MANAGEMENT/WORKFLOW TOOL Oce Printing Systems' USA PRISMAaudit has modules that are organized around three phases of document workflow. PRISMAtools allow users to create and revise documents, while PRISMAenterprise and PRISMAaudit manage and distribute documents.

PRISMAaudit links components of a document processing operation so users can track, view and reprint any document at any point. Within PRISMAaudit, tools enable centralized resource management, job load balancing and manipulation of information, even across different platforms and print engines, according to Oce. SystemsManager is the central operational control of PRISMAaudit, enabling management of the entire print, finish and mail operation. This module monitors all printers and pre- and post-processing equipment, and records all system activities in an ODBC database. ReprintManager identifies and processes missing or damaged mail pieces. VerificationManager provides real-time variable image and form inspection.

DIGITAL IMPOSITION HELP ScenicSoft's UpFront production planning solution produces concise imposition diagrams and digital imposition templates in minutes. The diagrams include all dimensions, page numbers and relevant job-specific information, as well as Mark Groups, a set of marks that can be automatically added to the press sheet. The software automatically exports Preps template files, which include several hundred ready-to-use standard layouts, and checks the user's press and bindery specs when layouts are edited to ensure that the job can be printed and bound.

FLATBED SCANNER The Epson Expression 1680 flatbed scanner is said to offer high dynamic range (3.6 Dmax) for improved shadow and highlight detail on 35-mm slides, negatives and transparencies. Its true 16-bit A/D converter provides 48-bit color and smoother gradations. Resolution is 1600 dpi. Full-color previews can be achieved in eight seconds; a 35-mm slide is said to scan at 1600 dpi in less than 60 seconds; a 4 x 5-inch transparency can be scanned in three minutes. It connects to any PowerMac or PC (SCSI, USB, FireWire). LaserSoft SilverFast Ai 5 scanning software offers real-time processing and color cast removal slider. The software integrates with Photoshop's color management tools; profiles can be embedded when scanned.

DIGITAL PRESS PAPER PaperTyger's SuperWhite is an uncoated, 27-lb., 95 brightness and 92-premium opacity sheet that can be used in high-speed digital printers and conventional printing equipment. It doesn't require special inks, set-ups, treatments or settings. Applications include catalogs, manuals, brochures and presentation folders.

PLUG-IN FOR PREFLIGHTING, TRACKING PDFS Enfocus Software is now shipping Certify PDF, an Adobe Acrobat plug-in based on its Certified Workflow technology. The plug-in is said to help users streamline the PDF workflow, track responsibility and maintain consistency between the final production file and original application file. The PDF workflow is streamlined because the new plug-in enables graphic arts service providers to move preflight and auto-correct functions upstream to the document originator's site. Using Certify PDF, a document originator can preflight a PDF document with a preflight profile supplied by the printer or other service provider. The file is then "stamped" with the preflight profile and results, as well as the date and time. All of this information is attached to the PDF document for easy reference. A simple user interface lets the service provider verify the preflight.

Certify PDF also gives users a clear history of a document. It provides a detailed log of all changes to a PDF document (fully contained within that document), tracks which user applied each change and implements and maintains a robust "roll back" mechanism so that a PDF document can be reverted back to a snapshot of an earlier state at any time.

While other products enable last-minute editing of a PDF file, it can be challenging to reconcile the changed document with the original when archiving documents or republishing them. To ensure consistency with the original application file, an operator can use the Certify PDF edit log to re-apply the changes to the original file. All edits to a PDF file are logged in a human-readable format. This edit log is then stored within the PDF file that is automatically archived with the file.

The company's other products (PitStop Professional, PitStop Server, PowerUP PDF and WebPerfect PDF) support the Certified PDF workflow. These products can read the certified stamp, eliminating redundant preflight, and then start the Certified Workflow and contribute to the edit log. Cost is $249 per seat; volume pricing is offered.

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CRC Information Systems presents The System, an integrated business management system encompassing everything from estimating and order entry to automatic data collection and accounting. It runs on Windows NT/2000 OS and Microsoft SQL. It offers 15 industry-specific estimating modules. Other modules include job costing, shop floor data collection, financial accounting, and sales and marketing. Customers can choose a wide variety of Web-enabled, real-time modules that range from online job tracking to online ordering.

HEAT TRANSFER PRODUCTS New Castle's "High performance rolls" brochure features its extensive line of heat transfer and chill roll products, including those of recent acquisitions FR Gross and Keystone Rolls. Repair/refinishing, certified welding, computer balancing and ASME code certification are among the services described in the brochure.

PRESS REGISTRATION ANALYSIS GATF uses Mitsubishi Lithographic Presses' Digital Register Analysis (DRA) to measure the ability of any press manufacturer's equipment to reproduce printed sheets. It can measure movement and statistically define the mechanical characteristics of printing presses. A redesigned test form includes computer-recognizable measuring elements. Printers can submit 30 to 50 consecutive sheets for analysis. Standard deviation is determined using DRA, and adjustments are identified by working in cooperation with the press manufacturer. Press buyers can use the service to evaluate press performance. It can also help troubleshoot mechanical problems and determine preventive maintenance goals for existing presses.

INTERNET-ENABLED PRINTER/COPIER Hitachi Koki Imaging Solutions uses the iDoc 400 to access Web-enabled digital printing, configuration and document workflow management. The iDOC 400 is a built-in print controller integrated into Hitachi's digital copier and printer products. The controller allows users remote access to product information, device configuration, service and support, and control of copying, printing and finishing functions. The RISC-based iDoc 400 offers built-in features, including 10/100 Base-T Ethernet with TCP/IP and a selection of printer emulations for software and hardware environments. It supports software modules: I-print allows users to print to multiple printers using the IPP protocol; i-manage offers point-and-click access to real-time printer status and usage statistics; i-service configures and repairs copiers and printers; and i-billing offers real-time billing information and customer-printed invoices.

ON-DEMAND SOLUTIONS A multimedia educational program from INTERQUEST examines the print-on-demand market and the evolution of scaleable systems. Midrange & clustered print-on-demand solutions includes a CD and video that provide an overview of systems from AHT, Canon, HiKIS, IBM, Konica, Minolta, Oce, Ricoh, T/R Systems, Toshiba, Xerox and others. On-site footage of operations using a variety of midrange systems and in-depth interviews with owners, managers and production personnel also are included. For ordering information, see

DUAL-CONFIGURATION STITCHER Stralfors International is offering a dual-configuration stacking and booklet stitching system for print-on-demand production of bound or stitched books, brochures or manuals, as well as loose-leaf applications. To produce stitched booklets inline, the Lasermax Unwind 52 feeds the printer with a roll of paper for several hours of continuous printing. After printing, the Lasermax cutter 162 cuts the printed forms into sheets, which are accumulated into sets using the Lasermax set collector 232. A collator, saddlestitcher and face trimmer complete the booklet. The system is said to produce 3,200 stitched booklets per hour, completely inline.

INLINE BOOKLETMAKER Standard Finishing Systems is offering the Horizon SPF-20X inline bookletmaker. Designed for inline operation with the Xerox DocuTech 6180 and the Horizon BQ-340 perfect binder, the SPF-20X features automated set-up and operation. Using a vacuum cover feeder, the system applies a color cover to the set. The set is then jogged, stitched, folded and face-trimmed. The bookletmaker is equipped with digital stepper motors for fully automatic changeovers.

PREPRESS TRAPPING TOOL ScenicSoft Inc. announces TrapWise 3.1, the latest version of its standalone prepress trapping tool. The software improves PDF-to-PostScript file conversion using the Adobe PDF Library. This feature allows users more control over choices for composite output or host-based separations for all levels of PostScript. Other features include enhanced compatibility with DTP applications, PDF and JPEG file support, control over the "treat ink as vector" feature, support for USB and virtual memory, as well as decreased processing time for complex files.

COVER WEIGHT ROLLS FOR XEIKON Mohawk Paper Mills offers Xeikon rolls in Navajo 90 cover, a bright, smooth sheet said to be the heaviest cover weight accepted by Xeikon-engine presses. It is suitable for self-mailers, folders and covers. It is said to offer good toner adhesion, consistency and runnability. Rolls are stocked in 12.5 inches and 19.7 inches; 40-inch rolls are available for longer runs.

INKJET VARIABLE-DATA PRINTER The Videojet PrintPro from Marconi Data Systems can print fixed or variable text, logos, bar codes or graphics on direct mail, catalogs, magazines, forms, tickets, labels, mailers, plastic cards or specialty items. Each PrintPro unit contains two one- or two-inch printheads and two ink management systems. This enables one PrintPro to print two spot colors at the same time from one cabinet, or four spot colors from one system (two cabinets and one controller). Each printhead produces a one- or two-inch vertical print band. Up to six printheads can be synchronized to produce a vertical print band up to 12 inches tall.

AUTOMATED BINDER The BB3001 automated binder from C.P. Bourg is able to automatically adjust the speed of the carriage according to the thickness of the book. Varying speed allows for intensified spine preparation for thin books. The result is a productive output of up to 500 cycles per hour, according to the manufacturer. The BB3001 will run at a single speed with a touch of a button for stock that is difficult to bind. In addition, the unit offers dual glue rollers and can handle sheets from 3.5 x 5.5 inches to 12.5 x 15.125 inches.

HANDHELD INK DISPENSER Accel Graphic Systems, a subsidiary of Pamarco, announces a handheld ink dispenser, the Graphic Systems Magnum 502. Said to reduce ink waste by 50 percent to 70 percent, it uses a five-lb. ink cartridge; an eight-lb. cartridge is optional. Both can be filled with any conventional or UV inks. The cannisters are airtight when filled, eliminating skinning and waste.

AUTOMATIC RIPPING OVER INTERNET RIPfarm software, offered in an application service provider model by vendor RIPfarm, performs automatic file RIPing, trapping and screening over the Internet. Designers can get quick feedback on problems with a job before it is sent to their printer, and printers receive press-ready files from their designers. Parties involved in a particular job receive e-mail notification at each step of the prepress process, or can log into a website that will list jobs in queue at the printer. RIPfarm is used with Markzware's MarkzNet Internet preflighting utility.

WEB-ENABLED PRINT ON-DEMAND Minolta's MicroPress version 5.2 features E-Ticket, an Internet browser-based job submission ticket. Enhancements allow users to publish job tickets on a website. Using only a client browser, customers can access job tickets and submit documents directly to Minolta MicroPress for production. E-Ticket eliminates the need for client-based software and can be easily administered directly from the MicroPress server. The Open Printer Connection-Virtual Engine (OPC-VE) functionality added in MicroPress 5.2 provides a seamless interface between the Minolta MicroPress and any networked PCL-compatible (level four or higher) black-and-white printer. A single copy of a document may be printed at the document creator's printer while the MicroPress produces the copies for distribution, enabling the document creator to proof the document before it goes into production.

INTEGRATED WEB PRESS DRYER Megtec's Dual-Dry Omega incorporates integrated drying, VOC control and web conditioning. Its emission control module features a regenerative thermal oxidizer. Energy released by VOCs during oxidation can provide enough heat for both the oxidizer and dryer - no additional fuel is needed. The system's Triton ES web conditioner cools the web while preventing chill roll condensation.

SPECIALTY PRINT TECHNIQUE INFO Crane & Co. offers print paper samples and a CD-ROM to demonstrate specialty printing techniques on cotton fiber correspondence papers. Information is provided on embossing, engraving, foil stamping, letterpress, lithography and thermography. Illustrations and interactive features help showcase each process.

E-BUSINESS SOLUTION SUITE Goprinter's Portfolio suite of application components for manufacturers and sellers of printing supplies, equipment and paper products includes productfolio, marketfolio, partnerfolio and channelfolio. Productfolio converts users' product data into an electronic catalog and provides Web-based management tools; marketfolio builds transaction capability at the users' websites and features the SmartSearch parametric search engine; partnerfolio integrates into the users' enterprise system using an XML conversion engine; channelfolio includes auctions and collaboration tools, and extends customer product catalogs to other Internet sales channels.

AQUEOUS PROCESSING SERVICE Safety-Kleen offers a filtration technology and service for continuous recycling of aqueous cleaner baths, mass finishing fluids, press water, mop water and synthetic coolants. It is a point-of-use service for the factory floor and includes an aqueous-fluid-recycling unit that filters and collects the soils that reduce the useful life of fluids.

ELIMINATING STATIC ELECTRICITY Exair's Ion Air Cannon eliminates static electricity and cleans small parts. Its amplified air flow carries the ion to the target, eliminating static electricity in less than half a second. Air volume and velocity are infinitely controllable from a breeze to a blast for removing contaminants.

MACINTOSH TRAPPING APPLICATION CreoScitex announces PressTouch, a Macintosh application that enables users to view, edit and trap Brisque and PS/M pages and LW files. Multiple documents can be opened and viewed simultaneously, and multiple views of the same document are permitted at magnifications of up to 1,600 percent. The new frame decision list (FDL) file format allows trapping decisions to be created, previewed, modified and executed on different workstations. Features include the ability to search for colors that match certain criteria and optionally applying color changes to groups of colors.

AUTOMATED FOLDER SYSTEM GBR Systems Corp. introduces the Mathias Bauerle CAS 52-B folder with the SetMATIC system. Fold plates, fold roller gaps, alignment rails and delivery rollers are automatically set by computer calculation - no manual adjustments are necessary. Standard folds are pre-programmed, and up to 60 custom fold jobs can be stored from memory. Fold sizes, speed, sheet gap, shingling of sheets, suction length, counting functions, double sheet and paper travel control and alignment rails automatically move into their correct positions.

COMPRESSION TOOL Piranha Inc.'s Piranha Byte provides a compression tool with transmission capabilities that enable the delivery or receipt of files - without loss - over bandwidth systems in less time than with conventional methods. Through a graphical user interface, users can choose multiple files for compression and multiple IP addresses for file transmission. The files can be delivered for archival purposes or for immediate use.

UNIVERSAL PUNCH The Sterling universal punch from Spiel Associates will accept die from any heavy-duty punch, including Punchmaster, Kugler, Lhermite, Southworth, Portland and Sickinger. Users can punch sheets up to 30 inches wide.

REFRIGERATION SOLUTIONS Royse Manufacturing Co. introduces three products. The CC10 coating circulator allows printers to use hybrid inks and switch between ultraviolet and aqueous coatings on the same press. The Space Saver PLUS is a refrigerated circulator that features dampening water management, filtration and refrigeration. The Combi Chiller can be equipped with either an integrated cooling package or be interfaced with a remote chilling unit.

WORKFLOW TOOL The Barco Commercial Printing Business Unit has announced the next generation of its FastLane workflow solution. It is said to offer support for driving most proofing and output devices. Features include e-mail notification when tasks have been completed or when problems are encountered, PDF/X-1 input and output, native file support and chained ticket automation.

INKJET PLATESETTER Pisces-Print Imaging Sciences and Harlequin have signed an OEM agreement to integrate the ScriptWorks RIP in Pisces' JetPlate System. The JetPlate is built around the Epson Stylus Color 3000 inkjet printer, and includes two printers, one for direct imaging to metal plates and a second for direct digital proofing on standard proofing materials. A patented fluid is jetted through Epson print heads to image on standard substractive aluminum plates. The Epson 3000's media feeding has been modified for more precise registration between plates. Output resolution up to 1440 x 720 dpi supports conventional screening, error diffusion screening and Harlequin's Dispersed Screening. The proofing printer included with the package is a standard Epson StylusColor 3000 driven by the same RIP that drives the platesetter, thus ensuring digital integrity.

MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE FOR MIDSIZE PRINTERS Zero Mass Products is shipping SmartShop 7, a computer management software system for the Windows platform. The system targets midsize printing companies with an annual sales volume between $1 million and $5 million. SmartShop 7's order-entry system integrates estimating, job ticket creation, job tracking and invoicing in a point-and-click environment.